Road Transport Management Office
by Patryk Haring

The structure of the company Haring Transporte

The Road Transport Management Office consists of a team of professional, trained forwarders, logistics technicians and technical dispatchers which results in Haring Transporte operating on a world-class level. Every person is Significant from our perspective, serves his or her own significant function and contributes something new to the company. The team is created by experienced and trained individuals and those who have just starting learning and are trying to prove how much they are worth. We speak German and English.

Haring Transporte employs the best drivers from Poland who are currently driving the latest versions of Iveco, Mercedes and Kempf semitrailers. Lack of rotation among our employees guarantees maintaining a stable and harmonious composition of our personnel. Consequently, it is a guarantee of providing services at the highest level. Each position at Haring Transporte is occupied by someone special.

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ISO 28 000 W Haring Transporte

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Haring Transporte has held ISO 28 000 supply chain security certificate since 5.04.2017. It is an international norm as regards the supply chain security management system determining the requirements concerning a safety management system, including key aspects aimed at ensuring the security of the supply chain in reference to transport. ISO 28000 is a risk-based management system norm applying “plan-do-verify-act” model..

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 are of a similar nature. Consequently, Haring Transporte has already been familiar with these standards and is able to apply this approach to analyze security threats as regards the supply chain during the execution of contractual orders.

ISO 28 000 w Haring Transporte confirms the integrated flexibility of the organization, certificate number 90/SCSMS/C/ 1.

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