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We offer you the chance to start your career as a freighter, to be trained as a Professional Driver:

  • Driving the newest, most polished and well maintained trucks, Premium Edition – brands such as Mercedes Benz (Actros) and Iveco (year of production 2016, version with alu rims, Premium finish: only the best and the latest versions!
  • Very attractive remuneration and the best conditions as regards the transport market
  • Permanent work in a modern company, the most fascinating and prestigious loading destinations in Europe, familiarizing oneself with practices of a professional driver
  • Cooperation with the Road Transport Management studio, the Leaders as regards Disposition and the Best Freighter working for us already on daily basis!
  • Co-financing of Driving License Course for the driver
  • Spots for Professional driver trainees with a guarantee of employment
  • ISO 28000, Gmp + trainings, company's latest-generation equipment and many other perks connected with load diversity offered by Modern Road Transport Management Studio
  • Performing transport services for the biggest brands in Europe

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The profession of a lorry driver involves a specific culture and style of work as well as lifestyle. It is more than a profession, it is a lifestyle as well. We invite everyone, especially young people, to participate in C + E driving license courses. It is worth reading and learning about the possibility of selecting a professional career guaranteeing a decent remuneration. Every driver is someone special.

  • Zbigniew Gawęda. Nickname “Wicherek”. Has been a professional driver for 16 years, fan of Transport and Fishing, he watches TVN Turbo
    "I have been a professional driver of lorries with a capacity of 25 tons from 19 years. I earn better than the miners in the conglomerate, I have permanent work. The profession f a driver provides me the freedom that no work in a production company would ever allow me. New goods, new loading destinations and I'm home with my family basically every weekend anyway. I can advertise this work to all young undecided people who do not want to work in factories or sit in offices, I highly recommend this profession. Times change, vehicles are really reliable now. Transport services offered by companies such as Haring as well. Young people, please do learn as you have to earn money, I can afford a house and support my sons and wife ensuring a decent level of life and I feel free!”
    Zbigniew Gawęda. Nickname “Wicherek”. Has been a professional driver for 16 years, fan of Transport and Fishing, he watches TVN Turbo
  • Driver Mariusz Kotorowski. Nickname “Jagger”. He has been a driver for 21 years.
    "I drove lorries as early as in 1996. I do not know why the profession of the Lorry Driver is associated with getting dirty (he laughs), that is what my daughters who go to junior high school tell me. One the other hand, as regards transport it is possible earn money. However, not in every company. uhh Grh hyyy People, there are so many stories to tell! One has to work for a decent company with very good managers, then you can drive for a dozen years or more. This barely ever happens but Patryk is an exception. He always comes up with something. In other companies sometimes you are forced to wait 3 weeks in Belgium as there is no cargo to take back and one has to live on something right? In case of Patryk, if you do not load sand, they will always come up with a solution, load something else, or even come back with an empty lorry as the driver is important, as regards the transport culture loading is significant. I met him at Ricoe 15 years ago. Much has changed since that time. I could never work in production. I would feel closed, imprisoned. As a driver, I work as hard as in case of production but I can keep my individuality and freedom, I'm passionate about transport.”
    Driver Mariusz Kotorowski. Nickname “Jagger”. He has been a driver for 21 years.
  • Driver Krzysztof Grodecki. Nickname
    "I am about to retire, I have 2 years left. I've been a Driver all my life. I will tell you something I have never told anyone: God saved me in 1978, when I started working as a driver by pure accident. In the worst of times I managed to support my family financially. For many years my salary fed my entire family. I have three children and five grandchildren. I built two houses thank to the money I have earned. My children were able to go to university, however none of my children has become a Driver, nor do they get by as well as me. I'm disappointed that they did not respect my profession at the same time living off my work, yes ... I'm telling you honestly how my life looks like"
    Driver Krzysztof Grodecki. Nickname "Anton". He is a driver with 30 years of experience
  • Driver Zdzisław Wojdyło. Nickname “Cave of Love”. Everyone knows him. He has been working in the industry for 11 years.
    “I can’t sleep at home when I come back from the road, my wife Graża becomes annoying, I put my saddle next to my cottage and go to sleep. That is typical for people who work on the go. At home I haven’t been able to get any sleep in bed for years. I get nervous when I'm home for more than three days. My wife has also been used to this situation for years. Grażynka loves waiting for me and loves when I am on the road: I leave, I drive away and I come back. That is my lifestyle some say ... No :) I will never tell her that but I love her roses growing near the porch and she loves the smell of gasoline on my really old vest when I return home. Contrary to what one may think, we are romantic. We've been living like this for 20 years. We were very fortunate as far as our children are concerned. I will not say much here. Recently I have been asked by Graża for oil from Italy and then for flower bulbs from the Netherlands, she gets everything she asks for, she is always happy when I arrive home but she tells me - Zdzisiek, why do you smell so intense again and I know that she loves it. I am a Freighter and I am proud of this fact! If I were to encourage young people, I would recommend this job in the following way – a man has to have peace of mind and his own money, in this profession you can have both, you only have to choose a decent future-oriented company like Haring”
    Driver Zdzisław Wojdyło. Nickname “Cave of Love”. Everyone knows him. He has been working in the industry for 11 years.

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