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What types of industrial transport services does Haring Transporte provide?

Specialized services concerning the transport of steel coils/ Fix Termine.
Transport of pickled, cold rolled, galvanized coils.
We organize transport of pickled, cold rolled, galvanized sheet in coils, various dimensions.

  • Steel flat products for cold forming
  • Structural steels
  • Structural steel sheets to be used in production and construction
  • High yield strength steels for cold forming
  • Hot dip zinc-coated steel
  • Steel for radiators
  • Full Hard Steels
  • Cold rolled steel flat products

Industrial transports concerning bulk materials / Trockengut / Massengut

  • Transports of granules and fertilizers
  • Transport of organic and inorganic substances
  • Road salt, edible salt, salt for electrolysis

Certified transports of recycling industry materials/Recycling

  • Metal, aluminium post-production waste. Paper, waste paper.
  • Thin scrap to be used for aluminium baths and thick steel for steel baths.
  • PVC plastic granules, glass waste and others classified with the SBB code.

Agricultural certified transport/Argrargut

  • Haring Transporte fleet includes Silo-Kipry with compressor as an addition to the standard aluminium sprayers (year of production 2016)
  • We organize the following services under strict control realized by certification bodies and coordinators:
  • Transports of GMP + cereals, transport of animal feed, transport of grouts, oats, bran
  • Ecological transport concerning food seeds for the production of Gmp + food
  • Transports of fruit and vegetables in bulk

Transport using tarpaulins/Tautliner

  • Tarpaulins for 33 pallets

Express transport/ Tir-Express

  • Express transport services are understood as orders “to be realized right now”. Express transport is organized by Haring Transporte using all types of buses from 3.5 ton buses to buses of sizes depending on the customer's order.

Refrigerated transport EU/Frigo mit Fix Term

  • A database of proven refrigeration industry carriers can organize transport meeting fix deadlines. Available refrigerators: 12 pallet and 6 pallet.

Dessert: Non-standard loads/Sonstige

  • During his or her career every forwarder receives an order concerning an unusual load. Ranking of the most interesting unusual loads is available in Patryk Haring’s Road Transport Management Office logistics studio.

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