Road Transport Management Office
by Patryk Haring

Who is Patryk Haring?

Patryk Haring, 39, born in Szczecin. A logistics engineer by profession, he has always been passionate about motorization and transport.

He gained the majority of his experience while working for Ricoe in 200 dump trucks section. He is a specialist and expert as regards the transport industry, can be called a forwarding master. He is the head of one of the most dynamically developing professional road transport management companies in Europe. Authentic Transport Manager.

(in a nutshell, for Freighters operating in this Industry: If you worked with him and survived more than 5 days, it means that you can do more than others, unless you were dismissed for discipline-related reasons :)

Dear customer, carrier, partner business

We would like to thank you for your question concerning freight, transport orders, agreements and for your cooperation.

We believe that the quality of services offered by our company on the transport market represents a high level. Every day we do try as hard as we can to maintain the aforementioned level. So far we have been successful.

Haring Transporte was established from scratch thanks to our cooperation, arduous and hard work we love. This company is our life and it constitutes an attempt at realizing our dreams as regards perfect transport.

We hope working with us is not only a form of business but pleasure as well.

In case of any questions, complaints and comments concerning our company, we will gladly arrange a meeting, answer to every e-mail and telephone inquiry. We treat feedback from our customers very seriously, so we strongly encourage you to contact us.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate and send us an e-mail to the following


What does the concept of Road Transport Management Office involve?

Only a team consisting of professionals representing the transport industry in a technically integrated logistics studio is able to realize the most demanding industrial agreements in the fastest manner.

Road Transport Management Office – The manner this studio operates and the advantage of the work we perform compare to the competition constitute elements which have been developed over the years. This involves the entire mechanism of cooperation of the specialist team as well as the implementation of innovation and the ability to make use of technical facilities. Each element plays a equally significant role as regards the entire studio operating at the highest speed.

Why does Haring Transporte focus on continuous development and improvement of the Team in reference to every aspect of its operations?

Logistic service concerning specialized transport orders such as transport of steel in coils, transport of bulk materials with different dimensions requires for the organizer to have technical knowledge and a suitable base.

A person working as a transport manager should be equipped with technical, logistic and contract related knowledge to be able to operate in this profession in an effective manner. The specifics of this profession mean that all lacks and ignorance have their consequences and you must have experience and knowledge to avoid such situations.

The Road Transport Management Office led by Patryk Haring basically educates the elite of transport managers. The transport organization itself constitutes the grounds necessary for initiating the entire process. Individuals and companies which fail to develop are not able to keep up with the needs of the rapidly growing market for transport services. The same applies to economy - the dynamic development of each organization and the ability to adapt to business environment surrounding the company constitutes an element necessary to maintain a stable position on the market.

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